Hess/ AC/ Hess Spacelab

At the Movies

A piano trio of the best musicians; Nikolaj Hess, Mikkel Hess and Anders ‘AC’ Christensen. The trio is described as telepathically communicating cinematic Nordic jazz, ‘Contemporary jazz at it’s finest’ and life-affirming original music with intense and immersive live performances.

Anders ‘AC’ Christensen
AC “the ace of bass”. Have played, and still play, with Raveonettes, Paul Motian Electric Bebop Band, Tomasz Stanko, The Savage Rose and many more. He has written film music for several of Omar Shargawi’s latest films, including “Go with Peace Jamil”.

Mikkel Hess
Mikkel Hess is composing for film, theater and ballet. Mikkel’s personal mastery of his drums within jazz leaves a spaciousness between each drum beat, which is the basis for the airy weightlessness we experience in the band.

Nicholas Hess
His piano playing is characterized by a golden touch, a strongly personal melodic vein, and a unique mix of virtuosity, groove and imagination. Nikolaj’s artistic influences reflect deep insight into the American and Nordic jazz traditions, as well as a wide-ranging sparkling musicality that draws on everything from electronica and rock to classical and folk music.