2020, vinterjazz and other stuff

“Simply put, these guys are the best piano trio in Denmark, and Nikolaj Hess is one of the most inventive jazz pianists working today” (Mitch Myers Magnet Magazine US 2019)

Winther Jazz concerts coming up last half of February, presenting some beloved bands and projects, including creative improvising original artist Marilyn Mazur, international bass virtuoso Francois Moutin, cinematic, telepathic trance-in-the-attic Spacelab, family with 3xHess, Brooklinity Social Club, and grand piano only Solo Impressions plus Micro Chapters. Hope to see you out there!

Also looking forward to playing trio in Paris in March and revisiting Impressions of Bob Dylan in trio format in Istanbul in April.

Proud to have made the soundtrack and live music in the feature film “De Forbandede År” by Anders Refn which just premiered. Beautiful string orchestra by the Prague Symphony and Fames studio, and amazing playing by KT, AC and Mikkel Hess.

A new edit by Kaspar Vig of the NH violin concert piece, premiered in Århus Musikhus Symphonic Hall, played by Cæcilie Balling with string orchestra conducted by Carsten Seyer-Hansen and Mikkel Hess and AC on drums and bass.

Also proud to have composed for Kongernes Fald by Mads Kamp Thulstrup and of course have my music and Spacelab represented in May el-Toukhys masterpiece “Dronningen”.