New Album Nikolaj Hess Spacelab & Strings

So excited to present our New Album Nikolaj Hess Spacelab & Strings on Sunnyside Records,  with Mikkel Hess, AC, Cæcilie Balling, Josefine Opsahl, Jakup Lützen, Christian Ellegaard, Kasper Tranberg the producer, release June 18

“Danish pianist/composer Nikolaj Hess returns, melding two ensembles on Spacelab & Strings. Interweaving a classical string quartet with a piano trio, the recombinant septet finds Hess delving into new abstractions, exploring color, tonality and time.”

Sunnyside Records

video of Ravel Impressions and ECM at

“Simply put, these guys are the best piano trio in Denmark, and Nikolaj Hess is one of the most inventive jazz pianists working today” (Mitch Myers Magnet Magazine 2019)


Looking forward to the duo concert tour with Kira Skov / Nikolaj Hess September 2017!

Thanks for beautiful 2017 summer concerts with Marc Mommaas, Hess/AC/Hess Spacelab, Halvcirkel, The Savage Rose, George Garzone, Caroline Henderson, Kresten Osgood, Josh Ginsburg, Jacob Fischer, Peter Vuust, Social Club, 3xHess, Adam Nussbaum, Jay Anderson.