New Album Nikolaj Hess Spacelab & Strings

June 20th 2021

So excited to present our New Album Nikolaj Hess Spacelab & Strings on Sunnyside Records,  with Mikkel Hess, AC, Cæcilie Balling, Josefine Opsahl, Jakup Lützen, Christian Ellegaard, Kasper Tranberg the producer, release June 18 “Danish pianist/composer Nikolaj Hess returns, melding two ensembles on Spacelab & Strings. Interweaving a classical string quartet with a piano trio, […]

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2020, vinterjazz and other stuff

February 11th 2020

“Simply put, these guys are the best piano trio in Denmark, and Nikolaj Hess is one of the most inventive jazz pianists working today” (Mitch Myers Magnet Magazine US 2019) Winther Jazz concerts coming up last half of February, presenting some beloved bands and projects, including creative improvising original artist Marilyn Mazur, international bass virtuoso […]

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Happy Christmas 2019

December 10th 2019

Thanks for everybody coming out to all the November and December concerts! What a treat! Link to rehearsal from N Hess violin concert piece, played by Cæcilie Balling and Mikkel Hess and AC, String Orchestra led by Carsten Seyer-Hansen. Also really looking forward to the premiere of the new amazing Anders Refn movie “De Forbandede År”, […]

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Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2019

July 2nd 2019

According to tradition, Nikolaj Hess will be playing more than 30 concerts at the Copenhagen Jazzfestival, among them every night with the Spacelab Trio with Mikkel Hess and AC at Apollo Bar, where he will also be part of the Hessismore Apollonian Circles on selected nights. NH will July 10-14 be playing a series of […]

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Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2018

July 3rd 2018

COPENHAGEN JAZZFESTIVAL 2018 July 6th – Juli 15th   HIGHLIGTHS 6/7 21.00 Spacelab with Stringlab – Bartof Station 7/7 15.00 Solo – Bartof Station 8/7 21.00 Quartet with George Garzone – Bartof Station 9/7 20.00 Hessismore Preludes – Kulturhuset Islands Brygge 10/7 20.00 Duo with Sissel Vera Pettersen – Christians Church 11/7 16.00 3xHess – […]

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New Album – Mikroskop with Sissel Vera Pettersen

June 28th 2018

  Listen online   Mikroskop by Nikolaj Hess Sissel Vera Pettersen Released through Gateway Music, with a little help from Viola Ellehammer Dasseville

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Summer 2017

April 5th 2016

Looking forward to the duo concert tour with Kira Skov / Nikolaj Hess September 2017! Thanks for beautiful 2017 summer concerts with Marc Mommaas, Hess/AC/Hess Spacelab, Halvcirkel, The Savage Rose, George Garzone, Caroline Henderson, Kresten Osgood, Josh Ginsburg, Jacob Fischer, Peter Vuust, Social Club, 3xHess, Adam Nussbaum, Jay Anderson.   Still working on new music […]

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May 4th 2015

  video: youtube playliste   anmeldelser:   Nyere koncertanmeldelser: trio: bedste album Politiken !!!! !!! !!! !! (finsk) (italiensk)   Spacelab: hollandsk (italiensk)—AC—Hess-Spacelab.html?PHPSESSID=5c28a00590d76d66d98850afa769eb9c Edited: (Japansk)   3xHess:     Sissel […]

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Best Music In Film nomination

January 23rd 2015

Nikolaj Hess nominated for soundtrack for Meeres Stille in the category “best music in film” at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in London

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DMA Jazz – This years ‘Danish Jazz Release’ – 3xHess

November 29th 2014

Thanks a lot: The 24th of November 3xHess won this years  ‘Danish Jazz Release’ at the DMA Jazz Awards, with the album “Music for Mum and Dad”. The jury said: (on danish) “Nysgerrigt, modigt og ufatteligt tight. Musikken bliver ved med at overraske hele albummet igennem og stemningen på pladen skifter flere gange – dog […]

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